So, it’s that time of year again. You’re working out how many kilos of Brussel sprouts to buy, whilst simultaneously planning a festive season to rival Santa’s workshop! Christmas is not the easiest time to consider your health and fitness, so here at Know Pain we’ve put together 12 handy tips to help you stay on Santa’s nice list.

Top Tips

1. Ready for winter? Preparing for bad weather can prevent a lot of trips & falls. Keep paths clear and buy grit salt to melt ice.

2. To help prevent falls check there is still tread on the soles of your shoes and slippers. Also check the rubber grip on walking sticks.

3. Keep moving! Make walking and stretching a regular part of your festive period.

4. The days of ‘No pain, no gain’ are gone. If it hurts to do exercise, then it’s the body’s way of saying “I shouldn’t be doing it that hard!” Hurt does not always mean harm so it’s important to get moving at a comfortable level. This applies to all activities (wrapping presents, shopping, cooking…the list is endless!).

5. Physical activity is good for the mind, body and soul. Daily exercises will boost your fitness, mood and decrease stress levels. Motion is Lotion!

6. Tense your bottom muscles every time you steal a chocolate tree decoration! When it comes to exercise, little and often is the motto.

7. Don’t make exercise a chore. Exercise is your playtime – whatever you do make sure it’s fun!

8. Exercise is for life and not just for the young…you are never too old.

9. Use your home gym! We all have gym equipment at home. For example, try repeatedly sitting & standing from a chair. Think…what does this part of my body do & then gently move it!

10. When watching TV – get up and walk around when the adverts come on. It’s important to change your posture regularly. You wouldn’t keep your finger pulled back for a long time. Your spine, knees & shoulders are no different.

11. Nothing changes if nothing changes! Think of something in your life that you’d like to change. Now make a list of the pros & cons of making that change.

12. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step…if you are attempting activities that are new to you…remember – Start easy & build slowly!